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Dessert & Cordials


Tart filled with lemon custard and meringue


Served with a scoop of vanilla gelato


Lady fingers layered with mascarpone cream


Vanilla or chocolate shells available


Vanilla gelato, coffee ristretto and whipped cream

Tartufo $12.00

Creamy chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with a chopped nut and cherry center, covered with chocolate ganache


Filled with your choice of gelato, topped with chocolate ganache and walnuts


Layered with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache


New York Style or Italian Ricotta

Sorbet $12.00

Raspberry or lemon

Eclair $12.00

Filled with vanilla custard and fresh fruit



Rich vanilla custard baked, topped with a layer of caramelized sugar


Layered with ricotta cream and apricot jam



Creamy liqueur, cocoa and Irish whiskey

An Italian noisette and herb flavored liqueur

A lemon flavored Italian liqueur

An Italian licorice flavored liqueur white or black

Flavors of real black coffee, roasted chestnuts and sweet butter

A liqueur made from walnuts and hazelnuts

An Italian liqueur made with mix of herbs and spices

A sweet, nutty flavored Italian liqueur

A Cognac based orange liqueur with notes of orange zest and vanilla bean

Hints of orange and licorice

A sweet wine liqueur served in Italy

Hint of red cherries, plums and strawberries

Balance and multi-layered with a light taste of vanilla

A light bodied bourbon whiskey

after dinner

COFFEE $4.55
TEA $4.50

Please inform us of any allergy concerns.
All menu prices are subject to change based on market pricing.

June 5, 2024